Updated Explorers CU It’sMe247 Online Banking

Explorers Credit Union’s It’sMe247 Online Banking will be updated on Wednesday, July 28, 2021.

We are excited to announce a major update to our online banking website.

Starting on July 28, when you log onto Explorers CU’s It’sMe247 Online Banking website using either your desktop or mobile device, you will notice a new layout and new features.

We are offering sneak peeks, feature previews and helpful tips on the It’sMe247 Online Banking website updates throughout July.

It’sMe247 Online Banking Update Help Guides
Click on the link below to view the pdf help guide:
* Navigate the Updated Online Banking Website
* Where to Find My Member Feature (Service)
Customize Your “Favorite Accounts”
* See All of My Accounts (Jump Accounts)
Customize “Your Favorite Features”
* Customize Your Profile Photo & Username
* View All Cleared Checks


Visit ExplorersCU.com, follow us on Facebook & Instagram and check your inbox to learn more about the update.