FAQ Group: Explorers CU FAQs

An exciting new look has come to Services Center Federal Credit Union. We are now know as Explorers Credit Union.

How did we arrive at that name idea?

Explorers come in all ages and genders. They are doctors, farmers, manufacturers, teachers and students; they are neighbors, family, friends and you. Explorers stand in line at the store, spill popcorn in the theater, and pay close attention to their finances. It’s also a nod to consistent financial direction from a reliable, not-for-profit partner.

When will the name change occur?

NCUA has approved our request for our new name, Explorers Credit Union. You will begin to notice a transition to Explorers Credit Union on items such as signage, statements, letterhead, documents, website and social media March, 2020.

Are there changes to phone numbers? Website? Email?

All phone numbers remain the same. After March 4, 2020, the new website address is ExplorersCU.com and our employee’s emails now end with @explorerscu.com. The old website and email addresses will automatically redirect for a period of time.

Will this affect my loans, savings and investments?

The name change will not impact any of your accounts. If you currently have certificates of deposit, these remain valid and at renewal time will be replaced with our new name and logo. There is no need to do anything.