Current Fees

The following fees may be assessed against your account and the following transaction limitations, if any, may apply to your account.

Account Balancing/Research$10.00 per hour
Account Inactivity$5.00
Re-issue Debit/Credit Card$10.00
Address Correction$5.00
Non-Explorers CU Owned ATM Transaction$1.00
Cashier's Check$5.00
Money Order (Up to $1,000)$1.00
Copy of Tax Documentation$2.00
Copy of Cleared Draft$1.00
Copy of Statement$2.00
Fax (First Sheet)$2.00
Fax (Additional Sheets)$1.00 per page
Photo Copy$0.25
Non-Return (each)$30.00
NSF (each)$30.00
Non-Return ACH (each)$30.00
NSF ACH (each)$30.00
NSF Debit Card Transaction $30.00
Overdraft Transfer Charge$5.00
Rescue Net Advance $5.00
Stop Payment Charge$30.00
Re-Open Account (Regular Share)$2.00
Wire Transfer (Outgoing)*$15.00
Foreign Transaction (Mastercard)1% of the transaction
Online Bill Pay Transaction$0.00 for first ten (10), $0.50 per after ten (10)
Draft Printing/Check Ordering$12.50+
Temporary Checks$1.00 with four (4) per page
Visa Reloadable Prepaid Card$4.50
Visa Reloadable Prepaid Card Reload$1.00
Skip-a-Pay (each)$35.00
Redeposit $10.00

*Explorers Credit Union currently does not offer International Wire Services