Current Fees

The following fees may be assessed against your account and the following transaction limitations, if any, may apply to your account.

Effective November 1, 2022

Account Activity Printout$2
Account Reconciliation$20/hour
Account Research$20/hour
Account Reopening (Share)$2 if reopened within 4 weeks of closing
Cashier's Check$5
Coin Machine3% for Non-Members only
Compliance with Legal order/Levy$25
Copy of Tax Forms (1099, 1099R, 1098, or 5498)$2
Deposit Item Return$10
Dormant Account$5/month after 1 year AND account balance is less than $100
Abandoned Account Fee$25 if escheatment is required
Abandoned Cashier's Checks & Money Orders$25 if escheatment is required
Fax (Outgoing)$2
Loan Skip A Pay$35
Money Order$1 each
Photocopy$0.25 per copy
Overdraft Transfer$5
Rescue Net Advance$5
Statement Copy$2
Verification - Outside Request$10
Visa Reloadable Prepaid Card$4.50
Visa Reloadable Prepaid Card (Reload)$1
Wire Transfer (Outgoing)$15
Wire Transfer (Incoming)$5
Loan Refinance Fee (In House)1% of loan balance (minimum $25)
Check/Share Draft PrintingPrices may vary depending upon style
Draft Copy (front and back)$2
NSF Fee$30 item (each submission/resubmission)
ATM Overdraft$30 item
One-Time Debit Overdraft$30 item
Overdraft$30 item
Overdraft Protection$5 item
Returned Item$30 item (each submission/resubmission)
Stop Payment$30 per request
ACH Overdraft$30 Item
ATM Transaction$1 for each ATM transaction at ATM's not owned by the Credit Union
Card Replacement1 free per year, $10 thereafter
Currency Conversion1% of transaction amount
Debit Card Overdraft$30
Online Bill Pay Transaction$0.50/transaction over 10
3"x5" Safe Deposit Box Rent (Annual)$12.50
3"x10" Safe Deposit Box Rent (Annual)$22.50
5"x10" Safe Deposit Box Rent (Annual)35.00
Safe Deposit Box - Change of LocksAt cost
Safe Deposit Box - Drilling of BoxesAt cost
Business account fee$10/month (Excluding non-profit organizations)

*Explorers Credit Union currently does not offer International Wire Services