CIO Update: 1/18/19

Hackers and virus writers are always trying new ways to steal your personal information by installing malware without your content. Here is a list of latest emails they are utilizing to access your computer.

Email Subject Lines

  • “Fraud Alert!” – American Express themed phishing
  • “Adopted Forms 10-Q and 8-K”- SEC-themed malspam lure for possible Cobalt Strike campaign
  • Credential Validation Attack Observed
  • Amazon-themed malspam observed delivering Emotet
  • Paypal-themed Hancitor malspam campaign
  • “ADVICE OF DEBIT – BANK CONFIDENTIAL” – Bank of America themed phishing
  • “Irregular Activity from American Express Card” – American Express themed phishing
  • “Invoice” – Formbook RTF Malspam
  • “Email / Phone Number change notification from SunTrust.” – SunTrust-themed phishing
  • “[Account UPDATE] We Decline Last Login ID For Your Safety” – Chase Themed Phishing
  • “Online Update Required” – USAA-themed phishing
  • “Remittance copy”- Nanocore RAT Malspam
  • “Complete Your Business Card Registration.” – American Express phishing
  • Invoice-themed Emotet malspam
  • “Notice Concerning your CardMember Account”- Amex-themed phishing campaign
  • Loan Officer Email Addresses and Phones-Recruiting/Biz Dev
  • 405-513-4*** Voice Message 405-513-4*** Voice
  • Quick note re: MAP Training Tips
  • “Regarding Refunding $150” – Ransomware campaign targeting bank customers
  • IRS Voice Message Phishing
  • “Please confirm your Account !”- Paypal themed phishing
  • Sandy Spring Bank-themed smishing campaign observed


Interesting News

  • Twitter bug revealed private tweets for some Android users for almost five years: Read Article
  • Google Play Apps Drop Anubis Banking Malware, Use Motion-based Evasion Tactics: Read Article
  • 773M Password ‘Megabreach’ is Years Old: Read Article
  • More .gov Domains Hit by Government Shutdown: Read Article
  • $900,000 On Offer For Anyone Who Can Hack A Tesla Model 3: Read Article


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