New in 2022 – Funding Support updates

Do you know a local nonprofit or business doing good in our community? We want to help these groups accomplish their important projects & events!

We received many requests for funding support in 2021. Although we believe that they are all providing valuable service to our community, the amount of funds we can reinvest in our community is limited.

We have our updated funding support process for 2022!

Please help us spread the word with our local nonprofits & businesses so they know to go to our NEW “Funding Support” webpage to download the application and to view the timelines for future requests.

The January – March 2022 submission deadline for funding support requests of $100 or more is January 5, 2022 by noon Central with notification by January 15, 2022.

Learn how we are giving back to our community by visiting the COMMUNITY IMPACT section on

Published on: December 15, 2021